The American Academy of Pediatrics Gets Glyphosate Wrong

Happy New Year! New Year, New You, right? Well, it wasn’t quite in the new year, but the American Academy of Pediatrics may have re-made themselves into a Merchant of Fear. In December 2023, the AAP released a statement that although GMOs themselves are fine, glyphosate (which is commonly associated with GMO crops) is not okay for children. In fact, the AAP says that glyphosate “Recent studies show that glyphosate is present in many foods, especially ultra-processed foods (more information, below). It also shows up in 80% of urine samples taken from people in the U.S.—including kids as young as 6 years. This suggests that most children and adults are consuming foods that may increase their chances of developing cancer.”

So this creates a confusing dynamic: do I trust the US EPA and the US FDA, or do I trust the AAP? The US Government and the AAP can’t both be right. The US Government says that glyphosate does not cause cancer. Yet the AAP says glyphosate may increase the chances of children developing cancer. Who’s right here?

The science is clear — the US Government is right, and the AAP is pushing a chemophobic agenda. Find out more in today’s podcast!

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