Episode 7: A Story of Bacon, Heartburn, and Alleged Cancer

I love bacon! Actually, I loved cured meats! I also love veggies high in nitrates! And fortunately, for me, all these things love me, too. But for people who suffer from heartburn, could these foods high in nitrates and nitrites actually give them cancer when they take ranitidine/Zantac? Thankfully, the answer is a very clear and resounding no!

But due to some really bad science fooling a lot of attorneys, we now have a very large class-action lawsuit, that claims that ranitidine/Zantac actually is transformed to a cancer causing chemical in the stomach of heartburn suffers across our country, and giving them cancer.

In today’s episode we talk about why it’s important for a laboratory experiment about human health to actually be relevant to how our bodies work, and the levels of chemicals in our bodies. And we talk about the conclusion a US Federal District Court judge in Florida regarding the science cited by the plaintiffs in the ranitidine/Zantac case.

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