Episode 26: So-Called Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals Aren’t Giving Children Metabolic Syndrome


In this episode, Dr. Lyle Burgoon discusses a study published in JAMA Network Open that claims a link between prenatal exposure to certain chemicals and metabolic syndrome risk in children. He analyzes the study using the seven tips he discussed in a previous episode and highlights several flaws and limitations in the study design. Dr. Burgoon emphasizes the importance of being skeptical and checking biases when evaluating scientific studies. He criticizes the media, particularly CNN, for sensationalizing and misrepresenting the study’s findings, causing unnecessary fear and confusion among the public.


Be skeptical and evaluate scientific studies based on their scientific merits, regardless of who funded them.

Consider the study design and sample size when assessing the reliability and generalizability of the findings.

Recognize the limitations and uncertainties in observational studies and the inability to establish causation.

Check biases and avoid confirmation bias when interpreting scientific studies.

Be critical of media reporting on scientific studies and consider waiting for scientific consensus before drawing conclusions.

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