Episode 19: Center for Food Safety Misinformation and BS

You know, this is all my opinion, and by now you know, I have a lot of opinions. In this episode, I want to talk about one of the Merchants of Fear, the Center for Food Safety, and some of the latest misinformation and bullshit they’re spreading.

The Center for Food Safety is scaring the public again by insinuating that the US EPA isn’t protecting the American public. I’m still extremely annoyed by this.

So, go read the CFS press release where they spread their bs and misinformation. And you can see the US EPA’s well-reasoned, and very, extremely thorough response to the CFS petition.

And if you want to follow along in the US Code of Federal Regulations where EPA explicitly states what toxicity tests require end-use product testing.

Why would CFS put out this nonsense when it’s so easy to fact-check? I don’t know for sure, but maybe it’s because they believe their funders implicitly trust the bs and misinformation they spread.

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