Episode 15: Office Hours: Pesticide Safety 101

[Editorial Note: June 27, 2023: I updated this episode because I made a mistake about benzene. I got it confused with a different chemical. We don’t make benzene in our bodies. So I edited that stuff out in the new version of the episode. Sorry about that. I should have caught it during post production.]

Thanks for your patience while I was on a short hiatus. I’ve been on the meeting circuit, talking to lots of folks, learning a lot from other scientists, it’s been a great start to the Summer.

In this episode, I’m answering a question from a friend of mine about pesticide safety. I’m talking about some of the misinformation (I’ll have an entire episode devoted just to pesticide misinformation coming up soon), but I mostly focus on how pesticides are regulated and how we know they’re safe.

Oh, and spoiler alert — organic pesticdes (yes, organic foods can be grown with pesticides — they’re not pesticide free) are also regulated the same as conventional pesticides!

I touch on some GMO stuff, too (not much, that’s going to come up again in another episode).

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Thanks for listening!

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