Episode 13: Science Myths: PFAS Edition

If you’ve heard the podcast before, you know I’m pushing you to think critically. Don’t accept what you read in headlines, or in the press, as the truth. There’s a pretty little hype machine at work, and it’s tuned to your fears. PFAS is the latest boogeyman in the chemophobia arsenal. But did you know we actually don’t know much of anything about more than maybe 2-5 PFAS chemicals? Yet, the CDC says there’s over 9,000 PFAS chemicals. So what gives? People are making large, overbroad, and overblown statements about 8,995-8,998 chemicals? Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Advocacy organizations, scientists with certain anti-chemical leanings, people who have an interest in scaring you are making a HUGE assumption that all of these over 9,000 chemicals act just like 2 to 5 chemicals. That’s not good science. I’m not sure what that is. But you know, and I know — that’s not science!

You know what it is? Fear mongering. Pure, unadulterated fear mongering. And like I said, fear mongering is not science.

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