Episode 1: Skittles, DNA and the Law

A couple of weeks ago, a California resident filed a class action lawsuit against Mars, Inc., the maker of Skittles. The plaintiff alleges that Skittles “are unfit for human consumption because they contain titanium dioxide.” The plaintiff alleges that titanium dioxide is a “known toxin.” Well, as a toxicologist, I can tell you, it’s not quite that simple.

In today’s episode of Critical Science, our host, Dr. Lyle Burgoon, explores how we got here — how we got to the point that someone is suing a candy maker over titanium dioxide. We’ll go beyond the headlines. We’ll look at how the European Food Safety Authority reached their conclusion that titanium dioxide might or might not cause DNA damage. We’ll explore the scientific studies they relied on. We’ll critique the science, and help you better understand why titanium dioxide is considered safe by the US FDA and toxicologists around the world.

And find out why 4,080 is such a critical number!

All that on Critical Science.

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